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Tis the season

by REWETI on AUGUST 26, 2010

…for all things salmonid at least. Sunday marked the opening of the Yurok Tribe’s commercial fishing season and Requa dock has been abuzz with commerce since the opening bell sounded. Every year the Yurok Tribe allocates a portion of its fishery towards cultural and subsistence purposes – smoking fish for elders, or setting aside fish for high ceremonies during the end of summer – or for its commercial fishery – a fishery that many tribal members depend on as a source of their annual income, or to buy supplies for the upcoming school year.

Even as I sit drinking my morning coffee I can hear outboard motors zipping up the river and seals fighting for their fair share of the salmonid pie – something of a stark contrast to the usual early morning still of Requa punctured by the occasional car rambling up the road or dog yelp. It sounds like the fish are running thick and strong this year and, by all accounts, the fish are fat and healthy. Not that I particularly need more fat in my life, but there’s nothing like fresh Salmon to round out an evening… or start a breakfast for that matter!

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Of Salmon, Klamath and festivals

by REWETI on AUGUST 30, 2010

We spent a delightful August 21 at the Klamath Salmon Festival; a fixture of Klamath for well over forty years and an opportunity to celebrate Yurok life and culture and the life of the Klamath River. Each year, thousands of people flock to humble Klamath to watch Indian stick games, cultural demonstrations, stock up on great arts and crafts, or to enjoy the much anticipated salmon dinner (replete with potato salad and pan bread). For members of the Yurok Tribe, the festival is also an opportunity to reconnect with family members and others from afar who come home for the annual event.

On a personal note, this was the first time in almost six years that we hadn’t been involved in some way with the festival – usually Geneva would have a booth promoting her charter school, or at various times we would have been responsible for coordinating the entire event. It was nice to spend time with the kids (bouncy house was very popular) and to indulge in mandatory festival food: Indian tacos; salmon; fried bread; and pinocalada smoothies (ok, not standad issue festival food, but enjoyed by all none the less).

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Farmers Market Dinners

by GENEVA on SEPTEMBER 4, 2010

Baby tomatoes, fresh from the garden- are there many more precious tastes in the world?! We love these harvest days of summer! The last few weeks have brought the Inn fresh eggplant, grilled corn on the cob, sweet green peas and ruby-red beets! My brother Thomas just moved home to the Inn to be our head dinner chef and has already connected with our local organic farmers to bring farm-fresh, and absolutely delicious, produce to the Inn.

Thomas moved “home” from Portland- where he’s been making and eating good food (and maybe some beer, too) for the last few years and he’s brought with him lots of inspiration about what a great dinner should be: real, whole food, made special and delicious with love, attention and great spices.

The most playful concoction was an eggplant marmalade, covered with a tomato jam and topped with a basil whipped cream- served up in a sundae dish with a parmesan cheese “cookie” on top. Even one of the fisherman diner asked for the recipe!

My favorite dish so far is a tie between his cauliflower soup- so thick, creamy and delicious, and the homemade salmon lox (made from Salmon he caught in the Klamath in front of the Inn!)- served with cream cheese and capers.

We’re so excited to see what tomorrow night’s dinner will be!

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The Blackberries are everywhere!

by REWETI on OCTOBER 10, 2010

A little behind on this post, but we spent a delightful September evening at the Klamath Blackberry Festival put on by the Klamath Chamber of Commerce and our friends over at Camper Corral. Anyone who has been to Klamath, or anywhere in Del Norte County will know, blackberries are a ubitquitous part of the landscape, sprouting up anywhere there is a patch of open ground. On Requa in particular, it seems like our blakberry friends grow larger, quicker and stronger than anywhere else – Requa IS a relaxing place after all. Our bounty of blackberries translates into a plethora of blackberry related dishes, typically involving icecream and generous helpings of whipped cream.

The festival, a celebration of all things blackberry, is in its second year and was very popular with vendors selling local redwood carvings, photos and, most importantly, all manner of blackberry foods. Once we get to run off the additional lbs from this year’s festival (yeah right) we’ll be all prepped for next September’s festival.