Beer Maker Dinner Series

WHO: SeaQuake Brewing WHAT: Beer Maker Dinner WHEN: March 18th, 2016 COST: 65$ Menu: Blonde Ale, Belgian Blonde, Space Sailor IPA, Porter, Pale Ale

Seaquake Brewing and the Historic Requa Inn

seaquakebeerphotoThis is going to be a great event!

Chad Hilgenberg, of Seaquake Brewing, is teaming up with Chef Thomas and Ricardo to create a 10 course, 5 beer menu. Featuring local organic Ocean Air produce, southern Oregon grass fed beef, organic free range duck, and locally caught fish from the pacific ocean. 

Call the Historic Requa Inn 707.482.1425 for more details. 

Blonde Ale:

Sticky Fried Cod balls


Belgian Blonde:

Seshwan New york strip


Space Sailor Ipa:

Pineapple pork, fry bread



Lobster mole


Pale ale:

Lemon goat cheese pie