Important information about staying at the Requa Inn!

Your trip to the California Redwoods, and the majestic Klamath River should be perfect, so we think it’s important for you to know about the ins and outs of what’s available at the Historic Requa Inn (and some of the things that aren’t!).

On your arrival at the Requa Inn

Check in is from 4.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.. When you arrive at the Inn we know that you have made a big journey to come and visit us and we want it to be special. Fresh chocolate chip cookies will await you. Help yourself to a cup of coffee or tea, or ask us for a glass of wine or beer.
Where possible, we also like to stock organic, locally produced (and very tasty) wines, beers, cheeses, jams and other foods. Some of our favorites include:

logo_1 Mad River Farm: Based in Arcata, California (about 60 miles from us) Mad River Farm specializes in small batch, artisan james and jellies. Its not unusual for guests to eat their blackberry jam by the spoonful! logo_2 logo_3 Lost Coast Brewery and Mad River Brewing both offering some of the finest microbrews in the nation (in our humble opinion).

We’re always on the lookout to support locally produced food – not only because we feel great about supporting local entrepreneurs, but often because the food taste so much better.


Internet & Cellphones


We have wi-fi throughout the Inn and at our additional properties. However, because this is a rural property, we have to rely on satellite internet service. Satellite internet service is not as fast or reliable as a more traditional cable line. Because of this, please, if you have to rely on a dependable internet connection for work or some other reason during your planned time with us, you might want to reconsider your stay. Bandwidth is also at times limited, so we recommend that if you are planning on watching movies on one of your devices please download them before you come to the Inn.

Cell Reception

The Inn is an a remote location on the California coast, so we have limited cell phone coverage by major carriers; in fact only Verizon and U.S. Cellular phones receive coverage at the Inn.
We’ve heard tales of an AT&T signal at the top of the hill in the parking lot of the Requa Overlook, otherwise there is no AT&T signal until Trinidad to the south and Crescent City to the north. There are no phones in your room. However there is a guest phone in the lobby for any US calls. If there is a chance you need to make an international phone call please bring a calling card.

Inside the Inn

Our sunroom and living rooms features a fireplace and large comfortable chairs to relax in. We have binoculars and local birding guides for the avid (and casual) birder. It’s not unusual to see seals, sea lions, bears and bald-eagles from our sunroom.
We also have a selection of games, puzzles, cards and books to enjoy in front of the fireplace during the relaxing evenings while you’re here.

Inside Your Room

We offer a range of organic soaps and lotions produced by AvReal – a Crescent City based producer and innovator of organic lotions and soaps.
Our in-room lotions and toiletries are produced by Sister Sky an Indian-owned business (it really is run by two sisters) based near Spokane, Washington. Sister Sky produces parabin-free, sustainable beauty products that utilize traditional Indian herbs and grasses. We, and our guests, love their scents and philosophies.

Around the Inn

Across the road from the Inn, we also have a lovely garden area with a gazebo to sit and enjoy the mighty Klamath River as it meets the Pacific Ocean.
Around the back of the Inn is our hot-tub – a perfect place to relax after a long hike (or a short hike, or just because it’s always nice to sit in a hot-tub!). There is a sign-up board for the hot-tub outside Room 12 “Yurok Loop”.

Additional Amenities

  • We have a microwave and refrigerator for your use in the main dining room.
  • Ice water, coffee and a selection of teas are available 24 hours a day.
  • In addition to beer and wine, we stock soda, juices and sparkling water. Ask us about the selection we have on your arrival.