Baby tomatoes, fresh from the garden- are there many more precious tastes in the world?! We love these harvest days of summer! The last few weeks have brought the Inn fresh eggplant, grilled corn on the cob, sweet green peas and ruby-red beets! My brother Thomas just moved home to the Inn to be our head dinner chef and has already connected with our local organic farmers to bring farm-fresh, and absolutely delicious, produce to the Inn. Thomas moved “home” from Portland- where he’s been making and eating good food (and maybe some beer, too) for the last few years and he’s brought with him lots of inspiration about what a great dinner should be: real, whole food, made special and delicious with love, attention and great spices. The most playful concoction was an eggplant marmalade, covered with a tomato jam and topped with a basil whipped cream- served up in a sundae dish with a parmesan cheese “cookie” on top. Even one of the fisherman diner asked for the recipe! My favorite dish so far is a tie between his cauliflower soup- so thick, creamy and delicious, and the homemade salmon lox (made from Salmon he caught in the Klamath in front of the Inn!)- served with cream cheese and capers. We’re so excited to see what tomorrow night’s dinner will be!

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