food5 food6 food2 food3 food4 food We spent a delightful August 21 at the Klamath Salmon Festival; a fixture of Klamath for well over forty years and an opportunity to celebrate Yurok life and culture and the life of the Klamath River. Each year, thousands of people flock to humble Klamath to watch Indian stick games, cultural demonstrations, stock up on great arts and crafts, or to enjoy the much anticipated salmon dinner (replete with potato salad and pan bread). For members of the Yurok Tribe, the festival is also an opportunity to reconnect with family members and others from afar who come home for the annual event. On a personal note, this was the first time in almost six years that we hadn’t been involved in some way with the festival – usually Geneva would have a booth promoting her charter school, or at various times we would have been responsible for coordinating the entire event. It was nice to spend time with the kids (bouncy house was very popular) and to indulge in mandatory festival food: Indian tacos; salmon; fried bread; and pinocalada smoothies (ok, not standad issue festival food, but enjoyed by all none the less).

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