bbs3 bbs1 bbs2 A little behind on this post, but we spent a delightful September evening at the Klamath Blackberry Festival put on by the Klamath Chamber of Commerce and our friends over at Camper Corral. Anyone who has been to Klamath, or anywhere in Del Norte County will know, blackberries are a ubitquitous part of the landscape, sprouting up anywhere there is a patch of open ground. On Requa in particular, it seems like our blakberry friends grow larger, quicker and stronger than anywhere else – Requa IS a relaxing place after all. Our bounty of blackberries translates into a plethora of blackberry related dishes, typically involving icecream and generous helpings of whipped cream. The festival, a celebration of all things blackberry, is in its second year and was very popular with vendors selling local redwood carvings, photos and, most importantly, all manner of blackberry foods. Once we get to run off the additional lbs from this year’s festival (yeah right) we’ll be all prepped for next September’s festival.

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