blog1 blog3 blog4 …for all things salmonid at least. Sunday marked the opening of the Yurok Tribe’s commercial fishing season and Requa dock has been abuzz with commerce since the opening bell sounded. Every year the Yurok Tribe allocates a portion of its fishery towards cultural and subsistence purposes – smoking fish for elders, or setting aside fish for high ceremonies during the end of summer – or for its commercial fishery – a fishery that many tribal members depend on as a source of their annual income, or to buy supplies for the upcoming school year. Even as I sit drinking my morning coffee I can hear outboard motors zipping up the river and seals fighting for their fair share of the salmonid pie – something of a stark contrast to the usual early morning still of Requa punctured by the occasional car rambling up the road or dog yelp. It sounds like the fish are running thick and strong this year and, by all accounts, the fish are fat and healthy. Not that I particularly need more fat in my life, but there’s nothing like fresh Salmon to round out an evening… or start a breakfast for that matter!

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