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California Redwoods

This Historic Requa Inn is in the heart of a series of co-managed redwood parks that have been declared both an International Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage Site. Welcome.

The Klamath area is magical for people who love the outdoors.

Redwood National Park, Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park, Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, Smith River National Recreation Area, and the Pacific coast are all within a 40-minute radius of the Inn.

The area is sparsely populated (Del Norte County has about 28,000 people) and largely wilderness. The parks are visited most heavily in the summer, but even then you won’t find the crowds that often come with National Parks. Fall and spring are even better times to experience the wildness of this place, and to watch the migration of whales off shore.

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Local Resources

This is the real North coast of California. Anytime of the year there is something awesome to do.

California Redwoods: Our glorious trees

We believe everyone should, at least once in their lifetime, stand quietly next to a 1,500-year-old, 300-plus-foot tree. The experience will put you in your place in the universe, making the petty concerns of daily life seem trivial.

Hiking & Backpacking the Redwood Coast

You’ll find 164 miles of hiking trails in the area’s national and state parks, plus the California Coastal Trail is within walking distance of the Inn’s front door. Image Credit

Klamath River and Smith River Fishing

The Klamath and Smith Rivers are world-class steelhead and salmon rivers. We can arrange guided fishing tours, both river and ocean, for our guests who want to fish.

Other Activities

Kayaking, Canoeing and Biking

Local rivers and lagoons are excellent places for kayaking and canoeing. We have several places to go for guided tours and boat rentals:

  • Panther Creek Park, within walking distance of the Inn, now offers river and ocean paddling.
  • Kayakzak in Orick (awarded Arcata Chamber of Commerce small business leader of the year), offers kayak rentals on the Klamath River at Klamath’s Camper Corral. They also offer guided kayak tours and rentals of the surrounding area and we highly recommend a visit to them.
  • Redwood River Trips offers on-river/ocean tours of the Smith and Klamath Rivers, False Klamath Cove, Trinidad Bay, Big and Stone Lagoons and Redwood Creek. They provide gear and snacks.
  • Humboats in Eureka also offers kayak rentals and guiding.

Remember, you can always give us a call and we can work something out!.
The area has many mountain biking trails as well as country roads that are good for biking. We can provide secure storage for your bicycles when you stay at the Requa Inn. You can also rent bicycles in Klamath at Kamp Klamath RV Park on the other side of the river.

Birding, Beachcombing, Whale-watching, and More

Del Norte County has more species of birds than most States! The Klamath area is an excellent spot for Del Norte County birding, beachcombing, whale watching (fall and spring migrations), stargazing, and watching the sun sink into the Pacific each evening. The overlook at the top of Requa hill (a quarter of a mile from the Inn) is one of the most impressive views of the Klamath River mouth and the Pacific and is an ideal whale watching spot. The Inn’s sunroom is also stocked with binoculars and local bird guides for guest use.
For the more offbeat, Klamath and Del Norte County is the epicenter of Bigfoot research in North America :). Known as “o’mah” in Yurok, Bigfoot is considered part and parcel of the landscape around the Klamath River. In fact, the world famous film of a Bigfoot walking in the open was shot in 1967 near Bluff Creek in Del Norte County. If you want to try and spot him, there are lots of folks wiling to help you find the elusive bigfoot.

Looking for a little less physical activity?

Chair and full-body massage is available at the Inn with a few day’s reservation. There are also nearby golf courses, casinos, museums and the Crescent City Light House. During the winter months, many guests curl up with a good book (we have many books, magazines and games to borrow while you’re here) in their room and watch the River float by! We’re happy to help plan a trip that is just your speed. Don’t forget our backyard hot tub!

Native American Culture

The Inn is on the Yurok Indian reservation, and your hosts are Tribal members, so the culture is all around you, but you may not even realize it! As Yurok, we love to share the stories of our special places here at Requa with guests. We are currently developing tours of the immediate area, to share Native stories, trails, values and current efforts to restore balance to our people and our land.

Stay tuned for formal tours and packages. For folks looking to learn more about the Yurok Tribe, our people, culture and history, let us know when you book your reservation and we can connect with you with opportunities locally available. The Yurok Tribe is also a good place to get started.